Project Structuring

Project schedule

Massing studies / Conceptual design

Search and selection of International brand

  • Preparation of short list of brands
  • Prepare IM. Bidding of operators
  • Negotiate LOI’s. Obtain final LOI from selected operator/s
  • Negotiation of Hotel Management Agreements or Franchise Agreements (HMA, TSA,LSA, ISA, etc.)

Business models

  • Develop complete business model to include project development costs (land, soft & hard costs, financing costs, contingencies, etc.)
  • Hotel projected Profit & Loss statement, including room rate, occupancy, GOP, NOI and EBIDTA
  • Project cash flows, including income cash flows, debt repayment cash flows, tax cash flows, free cash flows, debt coverage ratios
  • Business & Capital projected NPV and IRR, cash flows, DSCR, etc.

Schematic Design

Project financing