• Review the project specifications developed by the Interior Designer
  • Review the Operator’s FF&E and OS&E Brand Standards
  • Derived from the BOQ and the specifications, estimate the project budget for the FF&E and OS&E packages
  • Shortlist and pre-qualify most suitable manufacturers for this market segment
  • Manage the bidding process with the pre-selected bidders
  • Prepare comparison charts and awarding recommendation
  • Manage the process of establishing all Purchase Orders and Contracts, and subsequent administration


  • Manage the manufacturing process, from the preparation and approval of shop drawings through to approval of samples, follow up of the manufacturing schedule, etc.
  • Develop a logistics strategy for the shipping, storage and delivery to the site of all goods
  • Manage the transportation of all goods from Ex-works delivery to on site delivery


  • Develop an installation program by phases, compatible with the overall project schedule
  • Shortlist, bidding, awarding recommendation and contract negotiation of the installation of the FF&E and OS&E packages for the project
  • Manage, under a fast track formula the bidding, acquisition, manufacturing and installation for the mock up unit of the project
  • Develop and keep up to date all the control logs required for an effective management of the process
  • Create and manage a cost management system for the FF&E and OS&E packages, including the development of a monthly report to the Client
  • Manage the final acceptance process for the FF&E and OS&E packages for the project
  • Wrap up the cost; gather warranties, fire certificates, cleaning instructions, etc., of all elements installed